School Dances Suck!

Let’s get real, if you are going to spend a few hundred dollars on a dress/tux, dinner out and maybe a limo, do you want to attend a low budget dance, where less than $1 is spent per student, or do you want to attend an event? Miked Up Productions is proud to announce that, in partnership with Movin 92.5, we have designed incredible packages to produce school parties for the 21st century. Our first show is for Skyline High School in Issaquah. Not only are we going to rock the house but the school will earn a considerable profit as well because of the dramatic rise in attendance.

Does this sound impossible to you? No budget? No support?  If you build it, they will come. Miked Up Productions has taken great care to create affordable packages for school activity coordinators that include DJ and Emcee from Movin 92.5, elaborate light shows, concert level sound, special effects, giant games, live entertainment, posters, tickets, social media marketing, decor and more. We will help you through every step of the planning process to ensure a successful event. If your school already charges $15-$40 for tickets, then you can afford our show! We call it a show because it is nothing less. A DJ and goal post lighting set up have their place in the party landscape, but when you are talking dances for over 600 attendees like Homecoming, Tolo, Prom, Graduation and larger school events, then it’s time to plan parties that students want to attend and stay at. Call Michael @ 206.353.2448 to book your school’s event today.